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     Foshan Bohong Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional customized design customized automatic tapping machine, automatic tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, automatic drilling and tapping machine factory enterprises, Guangdong province is located in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guicheng Yue Xiang Yu forest community Industrial Park (from the Guangzhou South Railway Station only 5 minutes), the company registered capital of 500 thousand, our design team and the assembly engineer are automatic tapping machine for more than 10 years, the automatic drilling machine assembly design experience.
     The company's business scope mainly concentrated in the manual for customers to reduce the design and manufacture, tailored to improve the quality and efficiency of precision automatic production equipment for the purpose of, corresponding to different customers customized households of different options to meet the needs of different classes of customers, the company to "pursue perfect, keep pace with the times, never hit a record high price of quality" as the core concept. Adhering to the "good faith, win-win" service concept, with "quality first, service first" is the quality policy, the establishment of sustainable management, sustainable development strategy, and with solid economic strength, high-quality design team, advanced management mode and new service concept and excellent service quality, and customer sincere cooperation and win-win.
     Our aim is for the customer to do the five guarantee: the equipment stability is guaranteed, the full automatic tapping efficiency is guaranteed, the precision is guaranteed, after the sale is guaranteed, the delivery time is guaranteed. We have the equipment mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, baby stroller, steel furniture, sports fitness equipment, leisure products, bathroom equipment, air conditioner, shipbuilding industry, metal processing industry machinery complete sets of equipment, provide perfect. In the domestic counterparts in a leading position, widely applicable to the different needs of customers. After many years of business to build, our products are trusted by the majority of customers.